Vendor FAQ

1. How do I create a vendor account on your platform?

To create a vendor account, visit our website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Follow the prompts to provide your name, phone number, email address and password.

2. Can I list multiple services or products on your platform under one vendor account?

Yes, you can list multiple services or products under one vendor account. Our platform allows you to manage and showcase various offerings from a single account.

3. How do I update my pricing and availability on the platform?

Log in to your vendor account and navigate to the dashboard. From there, you can easily update your pricing, availability, and other relevant information. Changes will be reflected in real-time for customers.

4. What payment methods are supported for vendor payouts?

Vendor payouts will be made via bank transfer to your account fortnightly.

5. Is there a fee for listing my services/products on your platform?

There are NO onboarding or monthly fees, only a commission of each sale.

Visit Rural will minus the commission when paying to your bank account to the agreed payment frequency (usually once a month).

6. How can I respond to customer inquiries and bookings?

You can communicate with customers via the Enquiry section in your Vendor dashboard. When a booking is made, you will receive a notification via email.

For enquiries made directly to Visit Rural about your offering, we will notify you instantly and require an immediate response. Your response will then be sent to the customer via our Visit Rural support team.

7. What kind of analytics and reporting tools are available to track my performance?

Our platform provides you with a booking report to help you track your bookings in your vendor dashboard. If you require additional reports, please contact us via [email protected].

8. Can I customise my vendor profile to match my branding?

No, however, you can upload your own photographs provided they meet Visit Rural’s publishing standards. 

9. How are customer reviews and ratings managed on your platform?

Customers can leave reviews and ratings after booking your services or purchasing your products. Our team will not approve any inappropriate reviews to be published. Please contact us if you’d like a review removed or responded to.

10. What kind of customer support do you offer to vendors?

We provide dedicated customer support for vendors through email, or phone. Our support team is available to assist with any issues, questions, or technical problems you may encounter while using our platform. Currently, customer service is available via phone call between 8:00am-8:00pm, 7 days.

11. How can I feature special promotions or discounts for my services/products?

You can create and manage promotions or discounts from your vendor dashboard. These special offers will be displayed on your profile and in relevant search results, attracting more customers.

12. What steps do you take to ensure the security of vendor and customer data?

We employ industry-standard security measures to protect vendor and customer data, including encryption, secure payment processing, and regular security audits. Your data's confidentiality and integrity are a top priority for us.

13. How can I integrate my existing booking system with your platform?

Visit Rural recommends using our platform as your one booking platform. We do however offer integration options for vendors, please contact our support team to discuss integration possibilities and requirements specific to your system. 

Please refer to our Support section on the home page, “Avoid Overbooking”.

14. Do you have a mobile app for vendors?

No, however, the site is optimised for mobile devices in responsive design format.

15. How do I handle cancellations and refunds through your platform?

You can manage cancellations and refunds through your vendor dashboard.

The customer is not able to make cancellations on Visit Rural, they will contact us directly, and we will notify you immediately via phone call and email. You will then need to manually cancel their booking via your Vendor dashboard,

Visit Rural will not charge the Vendor a commission if there is a fully refundable cancellation to the customer.

Our platform provides guidelines and policies to handle these situations fairly and transparently for both vendors and customers.

Please refer to the “Refund and Cancellation Policy” on the home page and use the “Contact Us” details if you need support for this.